1win aviator app downloadAviator 1Win – one of the most exciting and popular games in online casinos. Its main advantages are: beautiful graphics, high-quality audio accompaniment, interesting mechanics, and originality. The game 1Win Aviator always lands in the “Popular” section on the website and in the casino app, as a huge number of users constantly play it. Often, there are even more players here than those willing to play poker.

The Aviator game is based solely on the player’s luck, as it is impossible to predict the outcome even approximately. Nonetheless, it’s possible to win big prizes. For example, some players manage to catch a coefficient of x50 and sometimes even more. Moreover, the 1Win casino offers new players a bonus of 500% of the amount of the first 4 deposits (limit: 80,400 Indian Rupees).

Rules of the Aviator 1Win

Everything starts with the player making their bet of any size, but from 10 INR. In the game room, there are several players who also place bets. On the right side of the screen, there will be a special chat where you can communicate with other users. If desired, it can always be disabled if you do not want to read messages from other players.

As soon as all players place their bets (or when the timer expires to not wait for the slowest ones), the player’s attention switches to the airplane, which begins its flight. The further it flies, the higher the winning coefficient becomes. It grows proportionally to the distance traveled by the airplane. This is the main feature of the game – the growth of the coefficient.

At any moment, the player can decide to stop and take the money. In such a case, the winnings are calculated by the formula: the size of the placed bet * the coefficient stopped by the player. However, it’s important to remember that at any moment the airplane can fly away, and the game will be finished. If the player did not manage to stop the coefficient by that moment, the bet is considered lost.

Important! The airplane in the 1Win Aviator game can fly away at any moment: whether at a coefficient of x1.1 or at x150. No one knows in advance when exactly this will happen, and it is highly unlikely to foresee it.

All players in the room observe the same flight simultaneously. The Aviator 1Win India game attracts not only with its dynamism and excitement but also with its modern graphics. The well-drawn airplane, realistic flight model – all this creates a sense of presence and adds realism to the gameplay. Players love this game for its high level of excitement and strong emotions.


How to Find the Aviator Game on the 1Win Website?

1win APKThe 1Win casino website features a huge number of games. For example, there are several thousand slot options alone. And there are also several variants of poker, blackjack, roulette, and other machines. This often makes it difficult to find a specific game. However, the website offers various ways to simplify this task for users.

Several methods to help find the Aviator game:

  • Search bar. On the main page of the 1Win casino, there is a search bar where you can enter the name of the game. Just type “Aviator” and press Enter to find this game. This is the simplest and most effective method.
  • “Popular” section. The 1Win casino site also has a section where the most popular games are presented. You can browse it. There is a high probability that the Aviator game will be among the top listings.
  • Using filters. The 1Win casino site provides filters. You can filter by categories, for example, look for games in the “Card”, “Video games”, “Airplane games” sections, and so on.
  • Using collections. The 1Win casino has created special game collections that display games with certain parameters. Aviator is also included in one or more of these collections.

The last three methods are rarely used to search for a specific game if its name is known. They are great for finding entertainment when you don’t know what to play and what to do. However, if you want to find a specific game on the 1Win India site, we recommend using the first method – the search bar. If you are still unable to find Aviator, you can contact the casino’s support service.

Once you find the game, you can use the “Favorites” section. It stores all the machines you add. To do this, next to the game, you need to click the “Add to Favorites” button or click on the star icon. After that, you can easily find this game again by going to the “Favorites” section through your personal account on the 1Win casino India website.

On Which Platforms is the 1Win Aviator Game Available? The Aviator game is available on all platforms where 1Win India casino operates. This primarily includes the desktop (computer) version of the site, which is usually where most players start. You can also download the 1Win Aviator app for Android or iOS. The graphics and interface are adapted for a smaller screen, so playing will be convenient and enjoyable. The game can also be played through the mobile version of the casino website.

Winning Strategies in the Aviator 1Win Game

1win AviatorThe Aviator 1Win game is based solely on luck. However, there are several strategies that might increase the chances of winning and coming out ahead overall:

  • Steady Win Strategy. Set a maximum coefficient size at which you will stop the game. It should be low, for example, x1.5. As soon as the plane reaches this point, stop the game. The wins will be small but steady.
  • High Risk and High Win Strategy. Choose to stop the game at a high coefficient. This strategy comes with high risk – you will lose often. But one win can cover all the losses. Just don’t aim too high: a range from x3 to x10 is optimal.
  • Trend Following Strategy. Watch the flights of the planes and their winning coefficients. If you notice a trend in increasing or decreasing the coefficient at which the plane flies away, make bets according to this trend. However, be careful, as trends can change.

Remember, these strategies do not guarantee constant wins. No one can predict with high probability when the plane will take off. Therefore, do not bet more money than you can afford to lose.


Here you will find brief answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Aviator game on the 1Win website and app.

Is there a limit to the number of bets in the Aviator game?

No, players can place bets in the Aviator game at their discretion. However, the minimum amount is 10 INR.

What happens if the plane flies away?

If the plane flies away before the player stops the growth of the coefficient, the bet is lost. The plane can fly away at any time.

How is the win calculated in the Aviator game?

The win in the Aviator 1Win game is calculated by multiplying the size of the placed bet by the coefficient at the time of stopping the counter.

Can I play the 1Win Aviator game on a mobile device?

Yes, the game can be played on mobile devices of any operating system: Android and iOS. We recommend downloading the 1Win Aviator app if you often want to play from your phone.

Can I play Aviator 1Win for free?

1Win Casino in India offers the opportunity to play for free only in demo mode. Virtual money is used for this, so it’s not possible to win anything.